Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Just a Funny Story!!!

So I was talking to the Little Man the other day about God and how God wants him to be kind to his friends and family. To be a good little boy and obey. He wanted to know where is God and now any book we read that has a picture of Jesus or talks about God he says "is that God?" So I explain to him, no you can't see God he is in Heaven looking down on you and taking care of you. God lives in the sky in the clouds. That was just the preface to my story now here is the funny part!!

I signed him up for a Disney book club much to my dismay because all the books are basically a synopsis of the Disney Movies!! Don't get me wrong I love reading to the little man but after seeing Cars for the 2 millionth time then having to read a summary of the entire movie it gets old. So he picks up Cinderella the other night and wants to read it. Oh how proud his father would be I thought. So I begin to read. It gets to the part of the "Fairy Godmother" he stops, sits up in bed, looks at me and then pulls the book really close and looks really hard. Then looks back at me and says, "Mama, that's God?" So then I had to explain to him what a fairy god mother was. It was too funny!!!

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