Thursday, January 17, 2008

Enter to win a your Toddlers First Car!!

It's our first snow of Winter!! I love it!!! It's been snowing all morning and still going strong!!! It's great!!

Want a chance to win your toddler's first car!! The ladies at 5 Minutes for Mom are giving away a Toddler Pedal Car. Check out this amazing website for all you Wonderful Moms where you can enter for a chance to win
Your Toddler's first Car

These ladies are amazing not only do they run 5 minutes for Mom but they also own a store that sells these adorable little cars visit them and check them out at Pedal Cars and Retro Collectibles

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Racking up on CVS Extra Care Bucks!!

Yesterday I racked up at CVS. They have a deal going on until Sunday if you $20 worth of Pepsi products then you get $10 back in Extra Care Bucks. With all the coupons out there then you can really rack up. I spend $20 on 6 Pepsi 12 packs had $10 in coupons and extra care bucks then got $10 back in Extra care bucks. So I only paid $10 out of pocket but essentially got my money back because I got $10 back in ECB!! Can' we say deal!! So if you are a Pepsi drinker like us search for those great CVS coupons most can be found at A Full Cup under the Coupon Menu and stock up!!! Plus you'll have some money left to buy on your next CVS run!!! I plan on going again today and getting more!!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Back to Business!!

Hello all! I have to share how I racked up at Old Navy this weekend. So I pretty much got all of both kids wardrobes for next year. Lil' Boo got most of her spring and Fall wardrobe covered and the Lil' Man got all of his clothes for next Winter. I ended up spending $150 but got clothes for the whole family. I was amazed. If you don't know about the Old Navy Clearance Event. They had all the already marked down stuff 75% off and then another 50% off of that!! An Awesome deal. I think the most I paid for one item was about $10 for a pair of jeans for me. I was so excited. They have it online too so everyone should check out Old Navy!! There are so many sales going on everywhere!!

Monday's DD Deal of the day: CVS has Buy $20 in Pepsi products and get $10 in ECB(Extra Care Bucks) So with all the coupons swimming around out there there = an excellent bargain if you play your cards right!!! I plan on going tomorrow so I'll let everyone know how I make out!!