Friday, March 28, 2008

Finally found a HOUSE!!!

For those of you who know about our house hunt
that has been an ongoing battle for what two going on three months now, we have finally found one and have a contract signed and in order on one!!! YEAHHHHHH!!!
It will be finalized hopefully by the end of next week if everything works out!! But at least we have a signed contract in hand!! So that is a huge burden off of us. It'll be plenty of room, plenty of storage, and almost everything we've been looking for!!! We are so excited and hope that all the last pieces of the puzzle fall into place. So keep your fingers, toes, and whatever else you want to crossed for us that everything works out!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Big Score at Target!!! I hit the Target this morning kids in tow and marched (literally, per the Little Man's request) straight to the Easter stuff!!! WoooooHOOOOOOOOO for 75% off!! I got 4 big bags of stuff for $30 that's right you heard me $30.44 to be exact.
Here are a few things I got...
3 count them 3 Easter Baskets
3 packs of Easter dye kits
Several Easter toys: Barbie Kelly dolls etc.
5 pink and pastel colored Picture Frames that don't even look Easterish
4 Easter Tops for Little Boo next year
Several Marvel Comic Figurines
Several packs of the easter eggs like frogs and shapes
and several more things I can't remember!!!

I was so happy I nearly hopped out of the store. Well actually I did (again per the Little Man's request)!!! I would love to know what the Target people are thinking when we come in. I'm sure it's something like "who is this crazy woman with these two little cuties"!!! It's okay I have fun with them and they love it!!!

So who cares!!!!

You should try it it's really fun!!! So when you go to this WONDERFUL Target sale go and march in to the Easter stuff and then when you leave Hop like a bunny out of the store!!! You'll see how fun it really is!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sugar Rush!!!

I know that Wordless Wednesday is suppose to be well, Wordless but I just had to share with you about our Wonderful Easter!! So let's call this...
Wonderful, Wordfull, Wednesday with Pictures!!

I think my little Man is coming down off his high of Easter Candy. Darn, that Easter Bunny who told him to buy all that candy anyway? I don't know if it's a crash from the sugar or just sheer exhaustion from the wonderful Easter weekend that we had. We had a most enjoyable weekend with lots food and family! A great combination!! I hosted the family for our Easter Fiesta and other than a mishap with turning the temp. up on my fridge and turning the deviled eggs into deviled cubes ice, everything turned out good!!! I hope it'll become a tradition!!!

Although these pictures may say something different they both actually had a very good Easter!! This was the aftermath of the mad rush to get ready for Church!! Once we were in the car on the road they were both Happy! But I didn't get a pic of that!! Maybe next year!!!

How was your Easter??