Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Triple "T": Tackle it Tuesday, Tuesday Giveaway, and a case of the Terrible Two's!!! HELP!

Today I'm tackling Organizing some things around the house. Our art cabinet, my DESK, and ughhhh the bills!!! I've got to file all our bills from 2007 and get everything squared away! Shew it's all been a black cloud over my head for a while but Gotta do it and I know I'll feel better!!! What are you tackling today?

Today's giveaway is a set of Handmade Beaded Bracelets. Pictures will be posted later!!! These Bracelets are made with Glass beads of every color you can imagine.
Just tell me your FAV color and if you win that's the color Bracelets you'll receive!!!

And Finally our last of the Triple "T" the Terrible Two's!! Your comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!!

So we visited a proposed preschool for our Little Man this morning. I stay at home with him and am just looking for something to give him some social interaction and more structure. It starts it the Fall and he will be 3 and has to be Potty Trained as well but that's blog for another day!!!

So I began yesterday preparing him for our tour. That we are going to school and are going to walk around and look at the boys and girl who are already in school and we can't stay blah, blah, blah. Well all that preparing and explaing was in Vain. To make a long story short. Little Boo and I carried on with the tour as he and Daddy went back to the car. As his meltdown unfolded. After 15 minutes of the tour and total and utter embarrassment we finally finished. I proceed back to the car to see him in his car seat red faced, tears streaming down his face, and uncontrollably gasping those of you with two years old know the sound well. He had a complete and utter meltdown because he couldn't play with the toys and the kids. I was so flustered and embarrassed I didn't hear half of what the director told me or ask her any of my questions. But it looks like a great school and hopefully if he is potty trained by next Fall he will go. Part of me was mortified and the other part of me felt so bad for him that he didn't understand why he couldn't stay and play. I continued to try and explain to him what we were doing but he wasn't listening!!

So those of you reading that have advice for the TERRIBLE Two's let me hear what you got!!

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Kelly said...

Hey M - Glad to see you back in blogging action! I missed reading your posts. Terrible Two's - well we just got out of them so I know how you feel. Poor Little Man, it's really hard for them to understand reasoning at this age. I think the tour guide should have given him an opportunity to play with the children while you were touring. Little Man didn't have to go on the tour. He really wouldn't get anything out of it if he isn't going to be there til Fall anyway. I think the tourguide should have helped in the situation but that's just my 2 cents. I want to enter the bead giveaway!

Tackle it Tuesday - I'm going to tackle the chore of taking the little girl to gymnastics. She loves it when she gets there and things get started but up to that point, she is throwing a fit and screaming that she doesn't want to go. I have been doing quite a bit of organizing and purging in the past few weeks. Hope to get more done in the coming weeks.