Monday, April 21, 2008

Better Late than Never!!

So okay...I know its a little late in the day for a post but I promise that I back in bloggy business after this what month break!! Things have been super crazy around here. House Hunting will hopefully be coming to an end tomorrow if we find out good news!! Everyone please say a prayer that everything works out.

On a lighter note...while I've not been blogging myself I have actually started reading some new blogs and stumbled upon some really cool stuff.

I stumbled across an awesome blog called Unplug your Kids check her out and get in on the action!! It's awesome!!! Each week she has a different theme for projects to do with your kids. This was our first week the theme is scissors!!
We decided, well I decided, to make our very own flower garden. So I got out all my old Better Home and Garden mags and went to town clipping out pics of flowers. That was the cutting part of the project. Get scissors to cut out the pictures. Then we glued the flowers on a sheet of paper to make our own flower garden!! The little man loved it and we had fun. Check out Unplug your kids HERE

Here's some pics of our project this week!! Also some from last week when the theme was food. He made pudding paint and had a ball painting beautiful pics. Little Boo even joined in on the fun!!!

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Chad said...

Great pics!! The kids sure seem to be enjoying themselves. I sure hope things work out with the house. We'll be saying a prayer for you today and look forward to hearing how things work out.