Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hello Hello!! I'm BACK!!!

I'm back from my 4 month Hiatus and I know that all 5 of my devoted followers have missed me dearly!!! I'm just gonna say I was on an extended summer break!! How about that!!! I'm back anyway and ready to inform everyone of the most exciting ever Life and Times of a Domestic Diva so stay tuned for more...

During my extended break I stumbled upon a new website called PSSST and I'm just getting started but so far its great!! You should check them out! You get all kinds of cool things and all you have to do is report back to them.

And the next time you're just strolling around the grocery store browsing. What you don't do that!! HAHAHA!! Check out:

100% Natural Broth
100% Great Progresso® Taste

• 99% fat free, no preservatives, artificial flavors or MSG*
• Chef-inspired broths are slow cooked to deliver rich flavor
• Convenient, resealable 32 oz. cartons
*except that which naturally occurs in autolyzed yeast extract

I know you'll love it!!!


1 comment:

Avinuity said...

Its good to be back!!
Progresso! sounds delicious i can't to taste this it is amazing that it is 99% fat free!!

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