Thursday, March 27, 2008

Big Score at Target!!! I hit the Target this morning kids in tow and marched (literally, per the Little Man's request) straight to the Easter stuff!!! WoooooHOOOOOOOOO for 75% off!! I got 4 big bags of stuff for $30 that's right you heard me $30.44 to be exact.
Here are a few things I got...
3 count them 3 Easter Baskets
3 packs of Easter dye kits
Several Easter toys: Barbie Kelly dolls etc.
5 pink and pastel colored Picture Frames that don't even look Easterish
4 Easter Tops for Little Boo next year
Several Marvel Comic Figurines
Several packs of the easter eggs like frogs and shapes
and several more things I can't remember!!!

I was so happy I nearly hopped out of the store. Well actually I did (again per the Little Man's request)!!! I would love to know what the Target people are thinking when we come in. I'm sure it's something like "who is this crazy woman with these two little cuties"!!! It's okay I have fun with them and they love it!!!

So who cares!!!!

You should try it it's really fun!!! So when you go to this WONDERFUL Target sale go and march in to the Easter stuff and then when you leave Hop like a bunny out of the store!!! You'll see how fun it really is!!!

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