Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sugar Rush!!!

I know that Wordless Wednesday is suppose to be well, Wordless but I just had to share with you about our Wonderful Easter!! So let's call this...
Wonderful, Wordfull, Wednesday with Pictures!!

I think my little Man is coming down off his high of Easter Candy. Darn, that Easter Bunny who told him to buy all that candy anyway? I don't know if it's a crash from the sugar or just sheer exhaustion from the wonderful Easter weekend that we had. We had a most enjoyable weekend with lots food and family! A great combination!! I hosted the family for our Easter Fiesta and other than a mishap with turning the temp. up on my fridge and turning the deviled eggs into deviled cubes ice, everything turned out good!!! I hope it'll become a tradition!!!

Although these pictures may say something different they both actually had a very good Easter!! This was the aftermath of the mad rush to get ready for Church!! Once we were in the car on the road they were both Happy! But I didn't get a pic of that!! Maybe next year!!!

How was your Easter??

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